At Crave, we explore meaningful possibilities through emerging technologies. We believe in the power of unconventional thinking and reimagine existing platforms as a space to create lasting connections between brands and its audiences.

Crave is started as a solo freelancer business

From the past:
Passion + Innovation

Established in 2007 by Sean Tan as a solo freelance business based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - the service thrives on word of mouth recommendations by major brands and the company grew steadily over time to be where it is today: one of the most innovative companies in the region. Some of the key projects from Crave including:

  • e-Commerce and Digital solutions for Estee Lauder Companies since 2007.
  • Organized and developed with Exhibition partner and Marvel team on the largest Marvel Studios exhibition in Southeast Asia.
  • e-Commerce and Digital solutions for LVMH's brand - Dior for Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Developed Clinique's first mobile app in the world in 2013 - working directly with global team based in New York. Successfully launched over 22 countries and 10 languages.
  • Designed and developed turnkey solutions for Malaysia's largest indoor projection mapping - with average of 3000 visitors++ per day prior pandemic.

Digital Solutions for top brands in Beauty & Skincare industryDigital Solutions for top brands in Beauty & Skincare industry

Growing into an integrated team

We are focussing on integration process between creative strategies, technologists, innovators and data scientists to create impactful works across channels. At the same time, Crave is doing extensive R&D on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Crave Asia is now made up of four main divisions namely Creative Division (creative ideation), Marketing Division, Technology Division (technological innovation) and Data Science Division (data driven innovation). A content creation and media team will be added in the near future.

Upcoming immersive cafe and retail store in Pantai Cenang, Langkawi.Upcoming immersive cafe and retail store in Pantai Cenang, Langkawi.

AI-drived Personalizations

The future of Crave Asia is a road that stretches towards the horizon, unveiling new possibilities. As we continue to evolve as an organisation, we will be coming up with more creative solutions in order to help brands grow through data-driven innovations and technology breakthroughs - it's about a continuous process of discovery and learning.

Where the future is headed, what it holds in store for us are all yet to be seen...but one thing we know for sure: Crave Asia will never stop striving hard to come up with new ways to help brands grow through innovation.

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