You have the great products. We have the technology.

Which platform works best for you
especially in long term?

Build & Manage

  • E-Commerce Start Program
  • 360' Management Solution
  • E-commerce Optimization
  • Data & Insights
  • Replatforming Service
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Deliver personalized outreach and increase sales conversion rate.

Omnichannel Engagement

  • Smartr Predictive AI
  • Email Marketing 2.0
  • Proven Tools
  • Whatsapp Business (NEW!) A/B
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Keep up with the trends and
stay ahead from the competitors.

New Technology

  • Hyper-personalized Landing Page
  • Checkout Widgets
  • AI Search Bar
  • AR / VR / LiveQR Scan & Shop
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Ultra-fast to deploy.

Ready Solutions

  • Quick Forms (eg. sampling redemption)
  • Digital Campaigns, Games & Contests
  • Interactive Screens
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Smartr AI

Innovate in service of customers, not "newness".

E-commerce has become a huge part of the economy. The ease and convenience it offers are hard to resist, but e-commerce also runs into some unique problems that more traditional retail doesn't have. One of these is how do you connect with your customers on an emotional level? How can you make them feel like they're not just another order number? It's difficult because we don't get to see or hear our customers in person. That's why Crave is aimed just to do that - Humanizing your digital by leveraging on latest technologies.

  • From Social media: Automatically engage and interact with potential customers.
  • From e-Commerce site: Learn, analyze and engage with shoppers automatically at the Peak of Interests.
  • From Physical Store: Enable OMO solutions to work together, drive sales online and offline cohesively.
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Smartr Whatsapp Solution

The next frontier of Personalization - WhatsApp Marketing.

Viewing Whatsapp as simply being as a messaging service is a big mistake in the current context. Consumers grow more demanding and impatient, and we believe that WhatsApp hit the sweet spot.

  • Offer fast support and human-touch service.
  • Create opportunities from support into conversations, leading to upsell or crosssell strategy.
  • Communicate trust from a verified Brand Profile and Number.


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