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Hyper-Personalized Landing Page

Hyper-personalized Landing Page

Inspired by a landing page that generated more than USD100,000,000 sales. We powered it with Smartr AI to provide on-demand personalized content.

  • Dynamic landing page that will be generated automatically based on customer's activity.
  • Rich content support including product recommendations, videos, tips & tricks and more.
  • Integrated with your marketing channels and platforms.
Checkout Optimizations

Checkout Optimizations

One of the top overlooked optimizations in e-Commerce!

  • Urgency and FOMO feature
  • Simplify checkout process
  • Simplified loyalty and rewards program.
  • Optimize checkout button with A/B testing
  • Upsell / Downsell feature
  • Exit intent feature
AI-powered Search

AI-powered Search

Upgrade your store experience instantly with Ai-powered smart search and discovery.

  • Improve relevance
  • Increase product visibility
  • Automated syncronization with catalog
  • Add filters, popularity, collections etc
  • Auto-promotes trending products
AR / VR / LiveQR

AR / VR / LiveQR

Unlock the future of retail with offline-online innovation that allows consumers to buy anywhere they shop, try on your products with augmented reality (AR) before buying, and engineering virtual versions of retail shopping experiences.

  • AR Try on
  • Virtual host, experience or event
  • LiveQR - Scan & Shop function
  • Full range of services available

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