Innovate or Die.

"We drive forward with digital innovation, turning bold ideas into reality. Staying still means falling behind, so we push the limits to keep us and our partners ahead. It's our way of leading the digital future."

But first, listen to our story.
CRAVE Pink Illumination Projection Mapping at Petronas Twin Towers Malaysia
CRAVE e-Commerce Solutions

We are CRAVE

We unite brands with their audiences through cutting-edge digital strategies, creating meaningful connections that drive growth and engagement. Whether through an immersive website, a groundbreaking app, interactive online campaigns or customized software, we empower brands to captivate their audience, ensuring every digital touchpoint strengthens relationships and drives growth.

Working with esteemed clients like Dior, Petronas, Samsung, Esteé Lauder, DIOR, Hada Labo, Hitachi, Lenovo to Disney/Marvel, we've proven our ability to elevate and transform brand engagement across industries through digital innovations .



Global brands consistently choose CRAVE because of its stellar reputation for innovation and tailored solutions. Think of CRAVE as a trusted digital craftsman, hand-picking and fine-tuning services to fit each brand's unique needs. From powerful e-commerce tools to immersive digital experiences, CRAVE offers it all under one roof.

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Sean Tan, Founder of CRAVE - started in 2007 as a solo freelancer.

How it all Started? 

In 2007, CRAVE was born from Sean Tan's freelance gig, driven by his deep passion for technology and dedication to crafting innovative market solutions. 

 CRAVE's innovative edge was highlighted in 2013 with the iconic Petronas Twin Towers' pink illumination, followed by the development of Estée Lauder Companies' first Malaysian e-commerce platform in 2014, which later expanded across Southeast Asia. 

 The innovation continued into 2017 with the launch of Malaysia’s first Selfie Museum in collaboration with Samsung, and in 2019, CRAVE hosted Southeast Asia's first MARVEL exhibition, setting new experiential entertainment standards. 

 2020 saw CRAVE adapting to global challenges by launching e-commerce platforms for luxury brands DIOR and Jo Malone, seamlessly integrating high fashion with advanced digital solutions. 

The next step in CRAVE's journey was the 2021 launch of Wonderpark, a 15,000sqft indoor family park that marries technology with play. Plans are already underway to expand with a new 35,000sqft outlet, emphasizing a commitment to broadening innovation. 

 Continuing this trajectory of growth and innovation, Sean is now taking CRAVE's pioneering spirit to Tokyo, preparing in one of the world's foremost innovation hubs.

. Innovate or Die . Vision Ignites Action . Lead, Distrupt, Succeed
. Innovate or Die . Vision Ignites Action . Lead, Distrupt, Succeed
. Innovate or Die . Vision Ignites Action . Lead, Distrupt, Succeed

Let's Work Together

Let's collaborate and innovate, turning fresh ideas into tangible outcomes. Together, we'll make things happen.